Mothers Day 13 May 2012

Mothers Day has crept up oh so quickly! We have the perfect things for Mum so there’s no excuse – forget the slippers or the PJs and go for something that will pamper her all over. We have our special Mothers Day gift boxes that have 6 chunky pieces in them. She can use them however she likes, one at a time or use a few at the same time. One for the hair, one for the face and one for everywhere else! A truly pampering experience. Of course you can buy our full size Body Bars by themselves, in gift bags or in any combination you’d like. Find us at Coffs Growers Market this Thursday and buy one, or maybe two for Mum, your Mother-in-law, that lady who’s like a second Mum, the sweet old lady in the office, your boss, your teacher, or just a kind looking woman walking down the street. Go ahead, make her day!!