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Shampoo Bar Converts

Hi , I would like to place an order for your products after buying them at the Coffs markets earlier in the year and finding them wonderful, especially the soap shampoo, which lasts forever! Cathy NSW

I have been using your soaps since you began. I used to be a chronic dandruff sufferer. Since I started using your hair soap I haven’t had any. I go out of my way to find your soaps to ensure I never run out.

Dr Neilson Armidale NSW

I have been using Body Bars for over 3 years now and personally rate it as the best soaps / shampoos I have ever used. My family and I are forever mindful about the contaminants in our everyday products – in particular the saturation of SLS and chemicals. It is a relief to discover Body Bar Australia’s natural products.

I suffer terribly from psoriasis that affects my body and scalp. I have tried almost all soaps and shampoo to no avail. I truly believe that since I started using Body Bars, I have seen a significant improvement. The shampoo bar is my favourite. I use it daily and it leaves my hair shiny without the need for conditioner. It also lathers up in any water conditions.

I travel extensively for work. Prior to using Body Bars, I had to either carry multiple bottles of hair products and soap or use what hotels had to offer. Now, I simply carry Body Bar’s travel size products.

Thank you Body Bar Australia for your excellent products.

T.C. – Valla Beach NSW