Customers Feedback

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Customers Feedback

Love your soaps! Picked some up recently from the markets on a recent trip to Coffs Harbour and can’t wait to try some more! So lovely on my skin.

Meika VIC

Nice to meet you on the weekend. I used the lemon sorbet, (lemon myrtle) soap and the smell afterwards is great. A very nice product.

Mark NSW

I recieved the box with all the flavors & man what a delight. The kids have picked out one each, after I chose mine of course, and the whole house smell like spa style aroma bliss. Very impressed.

Tracie VIC

I purchased some of your bars from Gunnedah Ag Quip and have found your soap fantastic. Doesn’t dry out my skin. I can hardly wait for the shampoo bar as I have dandruff and cannot use the usual dandraff shampoo as it burns my skin.

Christopher NSW

I purchased one of your bars from a home show in Rockhampton last Sunday for my daughter who suffers from pretty bad excema, and can’t believe how much better she is within only 6 days….. great soap.

Thanks so much.

KInd Regards

Maree QLD

Just arrived home from work and was surprised to find my package of Body Bar soaps!
Thank you so much for the speedy service, I really appreciated it, love the soaps!!!!

Many thanx

Tracey NSW

I purchases some body bars at Primex in June 2010, and have very satisfied with the product. I brought a package each for my teenage daughters, however I have been using the product myself and have been most impressed as I have not had itchy or dry skin as I would normally have at this time of year, with requires loads of moisturiser. When using the body bar, I only require a very small amount of moisturiser.


Katrina NSW

I got given a sample for my partner to try cause he has a bad heat rash, it has worked quite well in the first few uses and he is loving it.


Emily NSW

I have been using your soap for the past four months.
Through this time I have had treatment for my immune system.
The treatment is a series of medication that makes your hair fall out and your skin itchy and dry and small painful sores develop.

Since using your product I have noticed a great difference in the tone and texture of my skin.
When showering and then leaving the soap on your skin for at least two minutes before washing
it off was a great suggestion from you, when I purchased the first bar.
I have established a good routine to assist with the soap being left on
my arms and legs (the most affected areas) until I have washed my hair
with your shampoo soap!!! another great product by the way.

This mail is to say thanks for providing a great product that has made a
undeniable difference to my skin and assisted me in preventing the
condition from making me feel itchy , and uncomfortable.

Your friendly attitude to your clients and people you meet has been a
wonderful contributing factor to my willingness to let every one I know,
that has difficult skin to try your product.
I have your product avilable for my children so they will
have a good regime of using good quality poducts that do not
have harsh chemicals.

Cheers for your time,

Kris NSW

I’m a customer at the Coffs Grower’s Market and have introduced your lovely soaps to family in the Northern Rivers. They sent me back to the stall this morning with a shopping list and I also picked up a few things for myself, of course :)

I was impressed to receive a free sample of the new soap with a flier promoting the Body Bar website with my purchases. I love scoring free stuff of course, but was also impressed that I could give my family your web address for them to have a look at.

Thanks heaps and thanks for making such beautiful, affordable, effective and natural soaps!


Melissa NSW